Thursday, August 12, 2010

What is QHIS?

QHIS (Quality Hospital Information System)

This software is designed and developed for the actual computing needs of patients, doctors, nurses and hospital administrators. This system includes Doctor’s and Nurse’s Workbench, Encounter Management, Invoice/Payment, Inventory and Reporting.


•    To provide faster retrieval of records, through the data entry modules of the Patient, Bed, Room, Clinic/Service Center, Department, Insurance, User and Care Providers, Vital Stats, Services and Procedures
•    To monitor user activities
•    To provide certification modules for the generation of the certificates for Birth, Death and Fetal Death
•    To provide security through the Login module, Change Password Module and to restrict the access of certain users through the User Management Module
•    To have Electronic Medical Record Management that will help easily secure and retrieve  the medical records of the patient
•    To provide proper management of the inventory: the items are organized and can be easily monitored

•    To have reports which are generated automatically that will help for better and accurate decisions

QHIS aims to achieve the best possible support of patient care and administration by electronic data processing.

Highlight Features:

•    Fully integrated solution
•    Uses the latest technologies
•    Flexible for the user and easily configurable to meet the individual/facility needs
•    Easy to use: native windows and feel
•    Easy to deploy and update
•    Incremental/Phased or full deployment possible
•    Easy integration with other applications and databases
•    Automates workflow wherever possible
•    Secure
•    Powerful
•    Inventory Management
•    Automatic Report Generation

QHIS is another quality software product of Qtech, an IT solutions provider.